• Gifted ft. Skills - Things Are Gonna Change
  • Gifted - Make Me Feel
  • Skills Ft Gifted LMK
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  • Skills - Gettin Juxy
  • Gifted - Only 18
  • Skills - Got You On My Mind

Drake Ransom Remix by Gifted



Everyday I wake up better than I was a day ago
If they fuck with me, they should know
Staples centered in your face like where the lakers go
That’s what’ll happen, you put the RAT in irrational catch me laughing as I’m sitting back with a napkin
Wiping my ass with a paper in your rhyme book
Stealing everybody’s daughter somebody call Hulk
Hogan tell him that he’s never gonna find Brooke
If your girl doesn’t wanna fuck I’m sure your mom would I’m what
These motherfuckers wanna be motherfuckers judging books by their covers funny they can’t see what it takes to be a motherfucker
With a drive so relentless shoutout my next bitch
I don’t even know her but I know that she’s thinking she’s so breathtaking but the thing is
Ain’t nobody in this room really even breathless
All I do is wreck shit
I am so relentless
I’ll be grinding even when there’s diamonds in my neckless