Here are the resources I mentioned in the video:

The video above is all about how to sell custom t shirts online. In the video we discuss platforms to make everything easier.

The world is changing very quickly. Business minds years ago would kill for the opportunities we have today. There has never been a better time for normal people like us, with little money to get started in business, to open a store.

Imagine if you could sell t shirts without having to put up any money for inventory. T shirts that you don’t need to manufacture or fulfill. That’s the world we now live in, and these are the tools to help you.

Shopify is a platform you can use as your store. Ecommerce is a huge trend that’s only growing. More and more stories are coming out of traditional sales shrinking because of virtual sales. Shopify is the best store platform we’ve seen. It costs money to keep the store but they have a free 14 day trial to get started. And if you compare it to the cost of buying a property in traditional commerce, it doesn’t compare at all. It’s ridiculously cheaper, and that’s what the internet has done for us. Makes everything cheaper, which means an open playing field for people coming from nothing. There’s lots of apps to make your experience with shopify even better.

The other crucial piece of selling custom t shirts online is Printful. Printful helps you put designs on shirts and other accessories, and very easily integrate them to your store. It integrates very well with shopify. You’ll see in the video as I add a new shirt design with almost 100 different variation in minutes. They continue to add more features and giving store owners the ability to add different products to their stores at ease.

If you need help designing logos or t shirt designs, the best site is They have freelancers that you can hire for very cheap and as long as you do your research you can find very good freelancers who do excellent work.

To be very clear, in no way are we experts in ecommerce, but this is very valuable information, if you take it seriously. So we would recommend that if you decide to take this seriously, to take it very seriously. Learn everything you can learn about ecommerce, shopify, and printful. The more you soak in everything the more you will learn. And don’t get discouraged if things get difficult. They should be difficult. Just because it makes it so much easier to run a global store, doesn’t mean it’s easy. It’s going to take a learning curve and a commitment to adapt and improve along the way. The key is to be incredibly grateful. You don’t need to spend 5 grand on hundreds of shirts only to find out no one wants to buy them. There’s no risk. There’s minimal overhead. And so much of the work that’s normally associated with selling t shirts is taken care of when you use the right tools and platforms.