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We noticed that lots of people were searching in Google for a Tai Lopez wikipedia. Since there was none we created this page. We’re guessing you wanted to learn more about Tai, what he does, if he’s the real deal, and ultimately if he’s worth listening to.

All of your problems can be fixed if you improve your thinking. The 67 steps will help you do exactly that. To test-drive it Risk-Free today, click here now.

I purchased the 67 steps over a year ago. What has it done for me, SO FAR? For starters, it’s helping us help my mom to beat cancer! It’s helped me become more aware, more humble, a better communicator, smarter, healthier, a better son, a better brother, a harder worker, more knowledgeable about money; the list goes on and on.

If I had to describe what the 67 steps does in one sentence, I’d put it like this: It trains your mind how to think in ways that will dramatically improve your life.

So how is it helping me and my brother help my mom beat cancer? Because that’s a pretty big statement, right? It is, and here’s how he’s helping us.

One of the biggest things I admire most about Tai is he never claims to know everything. He told us, “listen, I don’t have all the answers, the point of the 67 steps is to help you go out and find the answers you need on your own.”

He doesn’t know how to beat cancer, but he taught us that anything great you want to achieve, go find people who are doing it the best and learn from them. This sparked curiosity in our minds and helped us go out and find the answers to beating cancer. We wanted to know the best way to beat cancer. We learned that the best way would be a way that brought the least side effects and all around made the most sense.

We learned so much. We learned that in most cases cancer is caused by poor nutrition. And in my mom’s case that’s a big reason why she got cancer. For 40+ years of her life, she ate mostly pasta and sugar. She loved sweets. I remember as a kid, a lot of mornings she would eat apple strudels which are covered in sugar. Then she would have coffee multiple times a day with 3 spoons of sugar. She would eat pasta all the time. Why’s pasta bad? Because breads and pasta all turn to sugar in your body. Sugar is the number one cause of making cancer stronger. Cancer feeds on sugar, and the more you give cancer what it wants, the stronger it gets, and the more likely it becomes to kill you.

If I never made the decision to start listening to Tai, I really don’t know if my mom would still be alive today.

That’s kind of why I went above and beyond to defend Tai, there are so many Tai haters out there that are brainwashing innocent people into believing Tai’s not worth listening to.

It’s really sad the world we live in today. People are more likely to believe people who say the world is coming to an end, people are getting dumber than listening to someone who speaks positivity into the world.

But guess what that means for you and I? OPPORTUNITY. Just look back in history, we’ve always gotten smarter as a society. Only 50 or 60 years ago, most people in America believed white and black people can’t share water fountains! How crazy is that?!

So 30 years from now, people are going to look back and say “I can’t believe people used to hate on people like Tai Lopez, these people went out of their way to help others.”

So what Tai’s making a lot of money selling the 67 steps?! He’s helping my mom beat cancer! He’s helped people change their mind on committing suicide, he’s helping people build wealth, find happiness, become healthier, and become more loving! To me, that’s worth millions of dollars at least!

I really hope you’re one of the ones who feel the same way. We need to stick together. We need to prove to the people who don’t believe that this is truly the way.

Thanks for reading this my friend, I really appreciate your attention. If you wanna speak with me, add me on Facebook, here.

I hope you take advantage and get the 67 steps here and hopefully you’re patient enough to allow it to have a huge effect on your life too.

If you want to get some more information on Tai Lopez, go to tailopezwiki.com. I made that site and offered a lot of cool unbiased information for you there.

Talk soon and let us know what you think in the comments below.

P.S. Wondering what this site (nxtskool.com) is? Well thanks to Tai we went out and started building skills, this site is just one of our many projects. We have our own store. We have our own SEO consulting firm, EnExT Consultants where we help business owners 10x their business through Google. We have a couple artists who are shockingly good, and we’re working on getting the world to see them! Browse around, hope you like the site!


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